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Today we are dedicated to a very talented sports photographer from our home town Dusseldorf. Tim Korbmacher is undoubtedly one of the German extreme sports photographers elite and we are very proud to have his work paired with his interview here on our site.Read more …

Anyone who takes on the restoration of a classic car, must definitely bring patience. The way was a bit longer than planned, but in the end everything should be fine and the Onassis Porsche 115368 was ready in time for the winter season.Read more …

Onassis porsche 22

Spring Tunes 2018

If you are already fed up with the chirping of the birds or you can not stand the hammering of the rain on your garage roof, then listen to the new rooshers SPRING TUNES Spotify playlist and look even more forward to the summer.

Read more …

spring tunes


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