We are loud
We stay pure
We are visual
We got stance
We prefer selfmade
We live fast things

About us

rooshers. is the name of the melting pot for all the latest sophisticated warhorse around the globe. Not only sports car enthusiasts will get their costs, but also a small elitist group of motorcycles- and extreme sports scene guys. If you are not with the one or the other thing, maybe you’re still one of those remaining purists who place in this fast paced world still value on craft and aesthetics. Things that seem to have died out at this time, we are going through redefine this lifestyle through rooshers. We are people who still see value in “the real” things, having no fear to bring them to their limits. This may be just the sports cars from the ’60s , of which you have always dreamed of. This can also be a handmade, aesthetic Skate deck from a small factory in your town. Way of mainstream and fast-paced life we are looking for guys that still do have the spirit and the appreciation of days gone by in their blood and sweating this lifestyle though their pores.

Daniel Schaefer grew up on the racetracks of Europe, so he simply had to become an automobile – nerd. As a teenager, he fully devoted himself to his mountain bike and has always been the friend of the simple, but stylish things. Since 2012 he photographs by using the name schaefeRpictures so he enjoys to photograph all the the things he’s interested and motivated in. Today, Daniel works as a restorer in the family business and is therefore firmly rooted in the German air-cooled automotive scene. Addicted to interesting of everything that is fast, peoples and stories, he always open eyed and minded for rooshers.

Daniel Polle, photo- and videograph which is interested in everything fast on four wheels on the road. Long time on the skateboard and now based in his ’67 Beetle. Abstain from the city life, feels comfortable behind his guitar and is a friend of honest deeds and music. Trained graphic and absolute visual person. Pedantic director behind the camera and responsible for videos of rooshers.

Tom Gädtke, founder of Onassis Porsches. Studied teacher and focussed nerd for everything with the right mood. Never lost surf- and skateboarding spirit of his younger ages. Multi interested in everything crafted with full spirits and basically made by hands. Too less money for too many interests in the good things of life made him doing everything by himself. Has „think it- build it“ as his personal motto. Visual eye helps sourcing the right stuff for rooshers.