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Anyone who takes on the restoration of a classic car, must definitely bring patience. The way was a bit longer than planned, but in the end everything should be fine and the Onassis Porsche 115368 was ready in time for the winter season.Read more …

Onassis porsche 22

Ten years ago, the coincidence would bring the car novice and his BMW 2002 together. In fact, Kile wasn’t too deep in the matter of classic cars, but without a doubt, the connection turned into an ongoing passion.

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Rome wasn’t build in a day you’d like to say over here in Germany – a phrase with truth in every affix. We took the time to get locked ourselves into the workshop for a wrenchmonkee case. Result of hard work of a long time project is a awesome piece of an early 70ies race car. The 1970 ROOSHERS PORSCHE 911ST.

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Paint it Black – 1959 Porsche 356A

Hype here, hype there, vintage Porsche 911 are currently doing a fucking great job as beeing image icons for all kinds of media. Advertising model for a brewery, just one of these examples the media loving dudes out there is  faced with day by day. Whereever you look you´ll find a car from Zuffenhausen with a fat and flat six in the back.

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Sure, we do water, and we want it, of course! The urgent need for something fast, beautiful and stylish ride is getting more and more intense day by day. It’s getting more expensive too, but there are also some very attractive alternatives, for example this one… The Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GT Junior from Jasper van Houvelingen.

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This time there is no sportscar, rushing bicycle or dropped wagoon, no, this time we show you a good (if not the best) example to cruise around the globe without any hectic at all. This might be the reason that this loyal partner is on top of everyones santa list whos home- and restless….

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The Globetrotter VW Westfalia