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In our rush filled world beside to glowing smartphones and the hectic city life, there’re many peoples who yearn to the good old days. But you could find a piece of the good old days for your living room, therefore leakker vintage from Cologne is helping you in this case with timeless furniture of the mid century.laekker vintage cologne 1

Everyone who is gradually bored of the colorful world of IKEA, Höffner and Co. and is wondering about the same look in everyone’s else home has definitely to change this. Well you have to search for some furniture that got a more timeless style. These claims are met with furniture out of the 1950’s and 1960’s.

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Hendrik Herzmann is the guy behind laekker vintage Cologne and he has to made it to his mission to find and restore these rare furnitures for us. So he offer in his showroom on the Lindenstrasse 95 in Cologne a well changing storage of the different kind of upholstered furniture, sideboards, shelves and so on for sale.

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The quality of these furnitures is made of amazing indestructible materials, which you can’t say about the most modern furnitures. Full wood and solid metal fittings was well used back in the days and ensure for a very long life up to today and further for the next 50 years, in combination with the clear Scandinavian design it becomes the perfect furniture.

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laekker vintage cologne 4

Even if we love to build things with our hands, we don’t need to pay with money or nerves to build up the furniture with endless pages of manuals, missing parts or cheap quick connectors. Old furnitures are already build up for the eternity. Another good reason ist the the stabile in value, depending on the each thing there is even added value, so you could confidently reach deeper into your wallet …

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lækker. vintage – Hendrik Herzmann- website

Showroom – Lindenstraße 95, 50674 Cologne

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