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think it – build it – the onassis porsche 115368

Anyone who takes on the restoration of a classic car, must definitely bring patience. The way was a bit longer than planned, but in the end everything should be fine and the Onassis Porsche 115368 was ready in time for the winter season.

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Growing up between skateboard and surfboard in the heart of the Ruhr area, Tom has clearly found his roots in the more alternative and relaxed corner of life. Early on, he found his enthusiasm for old air-cooled vehicles, initially for his Volkswagen Beetle, and later for this Porsche 356, which decorates the side here.

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But the plan in 2008 was quite different, Tom was with his father on the way to buy a 52 bend screen 356, but the seller withdrew his offer shortly before the sale. Disappointed it went on the way home and the two went in search of the plan B. After a few days came a hot tip from a good buddy and so they found the 1961 Porsche 356B T5 as a broken restoration more or less in his neighborhood. They knew they had to strike because the space in the newly built garage was empty and the project was already taking shape in the head.

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The substance of the Porsche was in an extremely good condition, because the entire body work was already done expertly and the car was freshly painted in it’s original color fjord green. The tech of the car was also revised for the most part and so could start after an inventory also directly with the assembly of the axles and the gearbox.

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The exact plan was not very clear in the beginning, but Tom has long been a big fan of show cars ​​for the street based on the Californian style. Thus, it was clear that it would take a little longer, because the Porsche should get one or the other rare part donated. As time went by, this idea became more solid and Tom began to construct and produce parts of his own, which he did not get as he imagined. That was pretty much the time to found his brand Onassis Porsches.

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So the car was worked on in parallel, now and again taken measure for new prototypes and at the same time the restoration was driven forward. This resulted in parts such as the Onassis Shifter, Onassis intake funnel or the prototype Onassis stopwatch.

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But the performance was not too short, the 4 cylinder boxer engine kept exactly the volume, but received a performance cure in the house Classic Boxers. The engine got JE forged pistons, the cylinder heads were also modified it, the camshaft got more stroke and the compression was also increased and thus Tom rolls quickly in traffic.

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The entire car thrives on the many lovingly executed details, whether it is the perfectly styled interior with contemporary items such as Speedster bucket seats, VDM steering wheel with self-developed quick release hub and the roll bar. Even the trunk is picobello cleaned up and equipped with a prepared carpet set. Even the engine compartment with lined leather paneling is to the point and just right. But a highlight are certainly his extremely rare magnesium rims from the 60s, which are still not known anywhere.

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But the man behind Onassis is a very creative mind and has therefore already one or the other idea in the bag concerning modifications to the car, because somehow the project is never really finished, we all know that …

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Onassis Porsches Agency – official website

Photos and story – Daniel Schaefer

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